I saw the light with Lightbeam

I am a huge fan of the show Catfish on MTV, where the hosts help people in online relationships cyber-stalk their potential lovers to try to piece together their identities. With that said, self-doxing was really entertaining – it was like cyber-stalking myself. I wasn’t as surprised as many others in class seemed to be. The things I found were my social media, old track and cross country running times, a few articles I’ve published, a scholarship I won, and a high school blog that I deactivated awhile back. Nothing I post is very revealing about my family, and I rarely post my specific location. I feel very secure that I know what is out there about me, and I think I have a good balance of general and specific details about myself online. I also learned that no one is using my pictures for catfishing purposes, and that quite a few people share my first and middle name (Kyleigh Rain).
Lightbeam was much more shocking. I always knew that theoretically, my information was sent to Google wizards who somehow plopped very relevant ads into my Facebook feed. I still don’t know how it works very well, but I am continually super baffled at the mass transport of information that gets passed when I visit even one website. YouTube, a few news sites, and SparkNotes led to the most additional websites. To be honest, I am not super tech-savvy and don’t really think about the inner workings of the Internet. Lightbeam has made me much more aware than I thought I’d ever be. But I’m still deciding if it’s really a bad thing or not for data to be spread around.


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